Stopgap Spending Measure Passed by Congress

From: David W. Riley, DAV National Commander and Frances J. Costas, DAVA National Commander

Congress passed and the President signed, a stopgap spending measure (H.R. 5325) that avoids a government shutdown when the fiscal year ends today This measure provides full year of funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs and military construction projects, and extending current funding levels for the rest of the government through December 9. Lawmakers return for legislative business after the election, with the House gaveling in on Monday, November 14, and the Senate the following day.

The spending measure also includes provisions that allow VA to provide fertility services or cover the cost of adoption for veterans with service-connected infertility issues. “We are exceptionally pleased that Congress has passed this legislation granting veterans struggling with service-connected infertility the reproductive medical coverage they require to help them restore their lives and build their families–it is simply the right thing to do,” said Garry Augustine, DAV Executive Director, Washington Headquarters.