For those DAV Chapter 86 members who are unable to attend monthly meetings, or for those who want to refer to articles in previous issues, quarterly newsletters highlight events at the chapter, as well as spotlight some of the awesome people we have as members. Each issue also provides information about our DAV 86 Auxiliary and the work they do to support our chapter.

What’s in a Name?

When we decided to ensure all our members get information about the work we are accomplishing here at DAV Chapter 86 via a newsletter and our Auxiliary members volunteered to help with the work necessary to keep a newsletter fresh and interesting, we had a lot of fun. After a brief discussion of the appropriate format and “look” to coincide with our DAV-branded logo and color scheme, we engaged the brains of all our members.

We asked the general membership to submit newsletter titles into a suggestion box, with a dinner for two at a local dining establishment as the prize for the best title put forward.

We had 46 unique titles proposed for our newsletter. A small group of our members who did not offer newsletter names were given a listing of the titles suggested, without the authors’ names. Their considerations for selection were several, including that the title be easily understood by veterans and non-veterans, be inclusive of all branches of the Armed Forces, be tied to the National DAV yet specific to the local chapter if possible, and be able to “roll right off your tongue.” What they felt best fit these criteria and conveyed the intent of the newsletter was: DAV 86 Dispatch: Serving Those Who Served. According to the selection committee, “the tagline says it all.” So…with all due respect to Walter Cronkite, “…that’s the way it is…”.