Extending Their Americanism

At Buddy Taylor Middle School on Thursday evening, April 28, 2016, Girl Scout Troop 1527 of Flagler County, Florida, took a giant step forward in their understanding and practice of patriotism. Led by DAV Auxiliary Unit 86 member Jenny Hanger and Commander Dr. Claudia Parker, Scouts of Troop 1527 reinforced their understanding of the symbolism of the American flag, learned proper etiquette for displaying the American flag, and successfully practiced the basics of properly folding the US flag.

Commander Parker began the presentation with a brief discussion of the U.S. flag and its history.  RAP_5159aMoving on to the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem, the scouts demonstrated how to properly stand during their recitation and singing, respectively.

The group discussed an array of guidelines for proper flag etiquette, and were provided with brochures on “How to honor and display the American Flag”.  They proved their quick grasp of flag rules and customs by playing a game, “What’s Wrong with This Picture?”, in which individual Girl Scouts correctly identified errors in actual photos of flag etiquette gone awry.

RAP_5205a - CopyAfter a demonstration of flag folding by Auxiliary members Hanger and Parker, scouts worked in pairs to successfully fold a flag for “final inspection”. Needless to say, the scouts were proud of their efforts.RAP_5248b - Copy

At evening’s end, each scout was given a personal “waver flag” by the Auxiliary.

DAV Auxiliary Unit 86 wishes to express its gratitude to Girl Scout Mentor Troop 1527, Ms. Angela Winternheimer, for her cooperation and assistance in presenting the Americanism program.