If you know disabled veterans, you may have listened to their stories. They may have told you of their training and deployment, their time in battle, or of their heartbreak at seeing a fallen comrade. But surely there was pride in their voices for fighting for what they felt was a just cause, and clearly you heard their staunch patriotism in every word uttered.

If you have a disabled veteran in your life, you know that when the guns of war are silenced, people tend to forget. They become complacent. They let their defenses down. They forget about the war, about their fears for their country’s defense, and they forget about those who fought in those wars. But you don’t forget. Because you can’t. By having a disabled veteran in your life, you have a constant reminder of the sacrifice he or she made for our country.

DAVA logoIn 1922, women related to disabled veterans pooled their resources and founded the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, its main purpose to ensure that disabled veterans — and their families, are never forgotten. As in 1922, today’s DAV Auxiliary members strive to make  a difference in the lives of those veterans and their families. To ensure that their sacrifices resonate in today’s world.

In these pages, we hope to show you how we strive to keep our disabled veterans and their families in the minds of the public, and how you, too, can help to make certain their sacrifices and the ideals for which they fought were not in vain.