When the Disabled American Veterans organization and the DAV Auxiliary speak of “Americanism”, the term goes beyond the most common definition found in a Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The chief dictionary definition of the word refers to the influence of American culture and American English on other entities. At the DAV and its Auxiliary, Americanism is extended to signify an attitude or conviction which gives special importance to the nation, national interest, political system, orculture of the United States.

Americanism is a major component in the work of both the DAV and the DAV Auxiliary. In fact, Auxiliary members are asked to provide a monthly report of their activities related to Americanism to the chapter commander which are then compiled and reported yearly, in aggregate form, to the Florida state adjutant who submits the state report to DAVA National Headquarters. The National DAV Auxiliary strongly urges a special public Americanism program to be held by each local unit once a year.

This section of our website illustrates what we consider to be Americanism at its best. Here we feature articles, notices and other information about things our members do to promote Americanism within our local communities.